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The Best Ever Sliders, Meat Bites For Your Mouth Parts

July 4, 2013

Generally, we Americans like to make things big. I’m here to tell you that great things come in small packages too. That’s why I’m sharing this slider technique with you today. As I’ve said before about some of my posts, this isn’t really a recipe – it’s a method. One of the major problems we all have with making hamburgers at home is shrinkage or ballooning up in the center. This method alleviates all that, delivering small bites of heaven that would make even White Castle® proud.

The secret is in the preparation.  You’ll need a heavy baking sheet with rolled edge sides and a rolling pin plus some sheets of waxed paper. This works best if your rolling pin fits between the sides of the pan both length and width. If you don’t have a rolling pin that fits the bill you can use a smooth sided drinking glass. You’ll actually be pushing the meat into shape rather than rolling anyway since the pin or glass doesn’t get much purchase on the waxed paper.

A word on meat: use ground beef.  Why not sirloin or chuck? Ground beef is actually a better grade. It’s the bits and pieces of trim from things like rib eyes, T-bones and filets. For burgers especially, the more fat content the juicer the burger. If you go too low in fat you get dry shrunken burgers!

 Slider Fixings


  • 1lb ground beef, at least 80-20 if not fattier
  • Salt and pepper to taste

No really, that’s it!



  • Favorite burger fixins’
  • Slider buns


Place Meat on Waxed PaperLine your baking sheet with waxed paper. Plop your pound of meat down in the center and cover with another piece of waxed paper (same size as the one onRoll Out Sliders bottom). Use your rolling pin to flatten out the meat in shape of your pan, take it to about a quarter inch thick. Like I said above, you’re going to wind up pushing the meat around rather than “rolling” it. You may need to stabilize the bottom waxed paper so you don’t push it right out of the pan!

Remove the top piece of paper and salt and pepper to taste. Fold the meat over and replace the waxed paper. Repeat your pushing/shaping process.  Each burger will be perfectly seasoned and the salt won’t be on the outside to pull moisture out of the burgers while they cook, genius really (picked that up from Alton Brown).

Sliders in Pan Pizza CutterFold Slider Meat


Once your meat is the correct thickness, about a quarter inch, use a pizza cutter to make 2.5” wide squares. The pizza cutter will slice through the meat rather that tear it like a knife would, messing up your neat meat squares. Now if you want thicker burgers or want to maintain a more precise shape you can actually freeze these at this point for 30 minutes. Proceed with cooking straight from the freezer (add a minute to one side) and the burgers will maintain their shape more precisely like the famous restaurant chains do.

Cook Sliders

Cook your tiny creations in a cast iron skillet over medium high for 2 minutes per side. They cook fast, you need to watch them! If you don’t have cast iron, you can use a regular non-stick skillet (but they won’t be as good!). Drain on paper towels.  Let sit for 2 minutes so the juices redistribute in the meat, we call this “resting,” then serve on your slider buns or rolls.


That’s it. Now make like the Hamburgler® and dig in!


Finished Sliders

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  1. July 4, 2013 1:24 PM

    I love little sliders. Granted I have to eat 2-3 of them, but still.

  2. July 14, 2013 1:19 PM

    Yum! I just happen to have 80/20 beef on hand.

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